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CLIENTS    I    HR & Senior Leaders (Corporate Client)


CLIENTS    I    HR & Senior Leaders (Corporate Client)

Why should I use ezyspark?

If you are looking for a trainer for your team / company and you are tired to ask around or get quotes from various training providers, ezyspark will help you to reach independent trainers based on your training request. Your training needs will be matched with the trainers on the platform who are most suitable, available and interested in your training needs.

Here some other reasons to use ezyspark are:

1. Wider Choice – You have access to a wider pool of trainers, each qualified in their respective fields, providing you options

2. Save Time – We will recommend trainers that match your needs, so that all you have to do is pick the one that suits you best.

3. More Transparency – Don’t just listen to us – you can access the reviews and testimonials of our trainers and programs to help you make the final decision.

How do I get started through ezyspark?

After having signed up for free, you can post your training request and wait to get matched. The more accurate and complete your information on your training needs will be, the higher chances you will be matched with trainers that will be suitable for you.

How do I find trainers/training programs on ezyspark?

Post your training request and sit comfortably waiting for your match. You will receive quotations and proposals of programs directly to your account for you to select.

How do I evaluate trainers before hiring?

You can evaluate them based on their reviews & testimonials, ratings, expertise, background information, their offering, certifications and experience.

Do I get evaluated as Client?

Yes, you will get reviews from the trainer that you have hired at the end of the process. These reviews will be available to Trainers before applying for a training request to your Company. Among the parameters, they will evaluate: speed of response, accuracy of the request, payment made on time, and others.

How much does ezyspark cost?

It’s free to join ezyspark and currently won’t cost you anything to hire on the platform.

How do I pay my trainer?

You and the selected trainer agree upon the price according to your project scope and budget. ezyspark will facilitate the payment issuing an invoice to your organization and will collect the payment from you and will pay the trainer accordingly.

What are the payment terms?

You will be charged by milestones:

1. Upon having hired a trainer (50%) to lock-in the dates

2. Prior to delivery (50%)

Can I get an official invoice?


Does ezyspark screen the corporate trainers?

We have several measures in place to ensure ezyspark is a fair and reliable marketplace.

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to screen prospective trainers to make sure their skills and experience meet the needs of your request. Custom screening questions can be included in your training request post, and ezyspark provides video conferences for interviewing shortlisted trainers.