Why should I use ezyspark?

If you are keen to expand your network or have the capacity to take on more training, ezyspark will help you to reach corporate clients and get notified once your training skills and programmes will match the needs of any of their requests on platform.

Here some other reasons to use ezyspark:

1. Expand your client’s base effortless

2. Increase your fees being engaged directly by the client

3. Improve your personal branding (own your reviews & testimonials by clients)

How do I get started through ezyspark?

After having signed up for free, you have to build your profile and list down your training programmes. The more contents you provide and the more accurate your information are, the higher chances you will be matched with client’s training requests and needs.

How do I find clients and get new training assignments?

Once you have created your profile and added your training programme you can:

1. Get Matched (You will get requests directly on your in-box based on your specializations, daily rate fees, delivery location, calendar availability and other criteria)

2. Apply for a training request (Check the specification of the request and apply for the one you feel more in line and confident to delivery)

3. Get Hired (You will get hired by one of our Client’s partners on the platform for the specific training you have applied for. The payment will be managed on platform in order for you to have a piece of mind.)

How do clients evaluate me before hiring?

They will evaluate based on your reviews & testimonials, ratings, expertise, background information, your offering, certifications and experience.

How can i get more visibility on ezyspark?

You can be more visible and reachable by Clients having an updated profile and training programmes, reviews and testimonials every time you are hired on platform. You can also actively use your contents to be featured on our main page, blog and our social media channel.

How much can i earn?

That’s up to you. On ezyspark, trainers set their own rates. Your earning potential is no longer limited by others third parties, you can earn as much as your skills and experience are worth to the clientele in the market.

Once you build your reputation on ezyspark, getting hired by clients and receiving reviews & testimonials, you'll be able to command higher rates from clients who respect your proven skills.