Embracing the new normal


Due to the latest disruptions and global upheaval being experienced during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, many new challenges have arisen requiring adaptation, and with likely more uncertainties in the business environment en route, coupled with shifting priorities, we must rapidly explore completely new ways of working.

In spite of all the disarray that is happening across the world there is potential for a great transformation and arguably during this change a need for a radical approach to move forward and create a re-imagined, healthy and thriving ecosystem within the business community. Such rapid fire change as experienced during this ‘Black Swan’ event creates great instability in all areas of most businesses and therefore it is crucial to implement transformations to the business framework to deliver greater flexibility, agility and adaptability to expeditious local and global conditions.


Teresa had spent more than 26 years in the corporate and business life, and gained many success and accolades. Her varied industry exposure gave her the ability to understand and flow with the dynamic changes in industries, social and market trend. Coupled with her passion in helping client to develop and express their authenticity that is one of the many component of her work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach & Trainer.

Teresa train and coaches on a variety of issues due to her experience in a wide spectrum of industries. Her perspective on helping management and employees to shift focus which helps to make all the difference in keeping the company competitive.

The key to Teresa’s approach to success is her ability to assess a situation and create unique, focused and decisive actions to affect positive outcomes. Her adaptability, empathy, flexibility, compassion and acuity in understanding needs, developing solutions towards addressing these needs allows her to provide relevant guidance and support for the people and companies that she had transformed.

She is also passionate in supporting and coaching Entrepreneurs of all levels and industries in navigating the business environment effectively and also actively runs women & self empowerment workshops all over the world.

Her exposure in various industries enables her to combine her

actual experiences in leadership, communication, executive and team performance coaching as well as getting more clarity in their life/career purpose.


Experienced in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Training, Career Transition, Customer Service & Retail, Estate Planning and focusing more on entrepreneurship and corporate clients with the agility in training to cultivate mental, emotional agility and resilience in corporate sector.

This workshop is recommended for:

  • Managers
  • Key Decision Makers
  • Head of Departments
  • Leaders

  • The session will cover the following:

  • Resolve, Resilience and Reconception for Business
  • Empathic and Conscious Leadership Mindset
  • Shifting Emotional and Mental Anxieties into Productivity
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change and into Transformative Action
  • Communicating Change in a Non-Conflict Manner
  • Functional Strategic Revision and Task Force Formation
  • Workshop Outcomes:

  • Building conscious leadership attitudes in serving the wellbeing of others/communities that focuses on viable growth.
  • Reconstructing and repositioning business for rapid recovery.
  • Communicate change with clarity to inspire all internal and external stakeholders to realize the future benefits of change.
  • Promote authenticity and accountability to reduce resistance from internal and external stakeholders.
  • Help employees understand the impending changes.
  • Teach them how to transform their work processes with enhanced clarity of their role in evolving sustainably.
  • Promote consistency, stability and transparent action and communication on the necessity of changes.
  • Building emotional and mental resilience to respond with greater agility and purpose.
  • Motivate teams and the business with new energy and innovation.

  • At the end of the session, participants will have a clear action plan on supporting efforts to keep their employees and stakeholders connected, progress and contribution focused, and engaged in effectively transitioning into the changed environment of today and the future.

    Time: 09:00 – 13:00 – 3 days (half day)

    Delivered Online – Live Interactive Webinar


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