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6 TIPS for trainers & anyone working from home to stay productive and well rested.

Many of us are back in the office or even still working remotely as worldwide coronavirus numbers continue to rise. Hence the new norm of working from home is still the status quo, but some of us may not be well adapted to this change, therefore this means getting a designated work zone set up at home for most of us, making it difficult to differentiate between work life and home life.

However, experts clarify that to stay productive and in the right headspace for both work and play, it is important to get the balance right. It may be important for success to distinguish between work and home life, but we also discuss how to deal with disruptions, dress codes, and the value of creating a schedule. Let’s discuss some valuable ideas on how to make working as effectively as possible from home.

Having a limited and purposeful space to do professional work is fundamental to maintaining the tempo of work that used to be previously within the office. It is fundamental to keep away from having the same space for the exercise area with the aid of fending off distractions.

Physical house at domestic should be adjusted to create a mental house conducive to optimizing time either for finding out about or for working from home.

Being productive at work is fundamental to being profitable in today’s world of “getting extra done in less time”. Here are some pointers to get you started.  

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Organizing time and work

There is a great need to arrange our time, including time for work and time for leisure, around everyday activities. You should aim to recreate the same timetables you had at the office, but at home with different spaces. To continue the routine of before, schedules can be generated through technological resources. Short and long-term priorities should be coordinated, like time. Regular targets to be achievable can help to sustain similar efficiency as before, hitting daily or weekly objectives. Use the SMART methodology to plan your goals.

Establish a routine in the morning

Humans are creatures of habit, and that is partially because repetition helps us plan for things mentally and physically. Any morning, whether it is getting a cup of coffee, doing some morning exercises, or taking your dog for a stroll, developing a morning routine will significantly help you get ready at home for the workday. Thinking about other controls, too, is also relevant. For some, working in your pajamas might work, but for others, it might not be effective. In the morning or in the evening, do you feel refreshed after working out? If yes, then do it!

Stay connected with others

In times of quarantine while working from home, creating new professional networks or maintaining professional connections becomes increasingly challenging. However, thanks to the many technological tools available, the maintenance of professional networks can be achieved. There are numerous online events to continue training in new methodologies, also to meet new people, and celebrate holidays with those closest to you.

It is essential to maintain connections with people, despite current restrictions.

Taking care of your mental well-being

It has been days and weeks of profound social and cultural changes that have affected the mental health of many people. Lack of interaction, recreation, and other activities are causes of illnesses that destroy mental peace and well-being such as anxiety or depression by working from home. It is therefore important to have strategies or tools available to help bridge this disconnection with the outside world. Meditation techniques, Yoga exercises, or physical exercises, are found on the web with videos, interaction rooms, or other tools that help clear the mind of possible social difficulties. Reaching out to someone, a family member, or a networked person, mentor, or health professional should be part of your consideration if you need help. Do not be afraid to ask for help and guidance, no man is an island and neither are you.

Do not work from your bed

Working from bed is certainly something to avoid. Life coach “Nick Hatter” mentions how important it is to avoid working from bed, explaining that This will otherwise make your mind believe that bed is equal to work, which could lead to insomnia,” impacting both your productivity during working hours, and when the clock stops, your relaxing time. I do personally recommend having a place in the house where you can concentrate on your job or projects away from your leisure area. Even choosing the kitchen table as opposed to the sofa will make a big difference if you are in a small apartment. For another example, studies have also shown that working from bed is not efficient and it reduces the quality of sleep. These areas can begin to balance by your brain as the assigned areas for which you have selected them, making it easier to turn to those activities. Also, make sure that when you feel nervous or just need to chill out, you still have a sacred place you can turn to in your home.

Knowing when to stop

It is important to recognize when your body and mind are not connected and focused on your task at hand. There will be moments of low productivity and a lack of concentration. Re-evaluate the situation to identify some impediments that do not allow efficiency in the work while you are working from home, it is necessary to do it with active and planned pauses that allow the flow of new ideas. Only then should you allow yourself to continue your activities. Take a break when you need one, and listen to your mind and body. They are a part of you working as one.

That is all for now, I hope you find these 6 pointers above useful and it helps you along the way in adapting to new norms. Thank you for reading and remember to stay hydrated and safe!

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