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Embracing Ikigai: A Journey to Purposeful Living

Writing reflections from selected books I read has become a cherished ritual for me. Recently, a friend of mine borrowed me a book I had been thinking of reading for quite some time — Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Ken Mogi. After watching the Blue Zone on Netflix, I […]

Productivity while working remotely

remote work malaysia

Many of us are back in the office or even still working remotely as worldwide coronavirus numbers continue to rise. Hence the new norm of working from home is still the status quo, but some of us may not be well adapted to this change, therefore this means getting a designated work zone set up […]

3 Do’s & Don’ts to increase your team’s productivity

team building training

How can your clients be inspired if your employees aren’t inspired? This is the question, I have asked many teams. This has also been researched thoroughly. It can be concluded that the productivity and profit of teams can be increased by 50% if ‘the recognition brain rule’ has been applied. What if your clients are […]

Leading in times of crisis

crisis management

I would love to begin with this quote : “Those who are the happiest are not necessarily those for whom life has been easiest. Emotional stability results from an attitude. It is refusing to yield to depression and fear, even when black clouds float overhead. It is improving that which can be improved and accepting […]

Leadership skills in the new normal

leadership background

How can we monitor the productivity of our employees 2020 is a year of massive upheavals and massive uprooting of our beliefs, lifestyle, and the way we are going to work. 2020 is a year akin to a huge Sledgehammer hammered everything we love to do, our routines, our plans, and our way of life […]

How to become agile

how to be agile

In today’s fast-changing environment, consumers’ needs and wants (for either our products or services) constantly take new shapes. Yet, we must not forget that the same is true for employees. COVID-19 caught many by surprise and shook the way we think, plan, and operate – whether you are a small entrepreneur, a manager, or a freelancer. […]